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Information Desk
BB & M International P. Ltd. offers it's service for its clients from its main information service desk from where any relevant information can be obtained. Moreover, candidate registration and databank maintaining are also carried out from the ISD. This serves as a good information system for the Company which help in updating the "jobseekers" record on a regular basis. It also operates "Bio-Data Bank" where candidate's information is recorded and this information can be provided upon request of our valued clients.
Department of BB & M International P. Ltd. is fully computerized and networked in order to provide our client and the candidates the best and prompt service. Our staff members are always committed and ready to help its clients and provide quality manpower service
Advertisement In Daily Newapaper
After receiving the Letter of Demand from Employer, we apply with the Department of Labou (DOL), Nepal for prior approval. The DOL then grants the approval to us on being satisfied with the credibility of the terms and conditions mentioned in Demand Letter are as of the rules and regulations of government of Nepal. This prior permission will allow the recruitment company to advertise the demand in daily and weekly newspapers and also allow starting the recruitment process.
Selection Of Candidates
We maintatin an up to date dtabank of potential candidates with full information on their skills like education, technical know how and experience. As per the client's criteria, BB & M P. Ltd. shall short list the candidater doing pre-intervies. During pre-screen, we short list the candidates purely on merit basis giving equal opportunity to all. The final interview for short listed candidates will be conducted by the Employer himself or his representative by taking on oral, written and practical test.
Trade Test
BB & M International P. Ltd. provides the technical trade test facilities and clients can select the workers conducting intervies and trade test at same place also. During the trade test, our staff member will assist clients as well as workers with efficiency.
organized to make all workers fully aware about the country, nature of job, laws and orders, immigration policy and religion of respective country to maintatin and understand the cordial relation in between emploure and employee. The orientation class specially gives workers general knowledge in all most all aspect and guides them in the field of their emploument. The class also directs them to maintain good working relationship with Employer and motivate them to do their duties/responsibilities in professional manner.
Travellimg Arrangements
As soon as visa endorsed passport or paper visas are received, we give the looking to our travel agent or directly to concerned airline to conform the seat from Nepal to the nearest port of the Employing Country if PTAs are not provided by the Employer. After the flight is confirmed, we send flight detail to our clients requesting them to receive the workers at the airport.



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