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All categories of workers, professionals, skilled, semi skilled and unskilled almost in all fields, are readily available for
immediate placement.
Nepalese workers are laborious sustain their working capability even in the most arduous conditions.
During the last two Great World Wars the Nepalese have proven their ability to adapt to even the most hostile environment
and climatic conditions in any part of the world.
Nepalese workers discharge their duties relentlessly, without any hitch and without any kind of discontent.
As compared to other manpower exporting countries, it is more viable to recruit Nepalese workers.
As regards overseas manpower deployment, the Government procedures and formalities in Nepal are comparatively
Nepalese are peace loving, simple-minded, dedicated and extremely loyal to their employers, have high sense of
responsibilities and discipline and discharge their duties accordingly.
Nepal is a nation who enjoys multi socio-cultural tradition and religion. Nepalese have great sense of religion harmony
we respect other norms and value and can adopt easily any kind of society.



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