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is the current managing director. He has devoted in this more than two decades in the field of Human Capita Management. We have strong professional team to deploy Right people at the Right Position at the Right Time.

Our experience of more than three decade has made us much confident to assist acquire and retain productive employees and ensure maximum return on investment in human capital. Our motto is “Right People at Right Position” We are playing significance role in field of human resource management solution supplying varied categories in different sectors world widely. We are keen to expand our services and want to be reliable partner for complete Human Capital Management solution.

BB & M International serving over three dozens corporate client, business entities over Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Israel deploying more than 5000 personnel in short time.

2.1Our Vision: is to become complete Human Capital Management solution in region.

2.2 Our Mission: is to be recognized leader in human capita management. We can achieve it by Right people at the Right Position at the Right Time.

2.3 Our Objective:

• To explore human capital market; deploy mass highly competitive, competent and highly potential candidate to satisfy valued client providing Unskilled, Semi-skilled, skilled, highly skilled and professional Human Capital.
• To become invaluable partner in the sector of Human capital management Solution, forming a mutually rewarding relationship with foreign clients.
• To reduce Nepalese unemployment rate. • To be good example in the field of Human Capital Management Solution.



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